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I have a rare mix of skills that make me uniquely qualified to help you succeed. Whether it's through my experience in UX Design, Accessibility or Graphic Design, I can provide your business with an intuitive interface so the world will be able access whatever project we're working on together!

"Accessibility is usability for ALL!"


Geiger Smart Watch - UX Design

A fun, personal project to teach myself Figma.

A Maven Mare - Website Design

A work in progress - Developing a website for an entrepreneur

Best of the Gulf Realty

Website for an independent realtor. Developed an online presence for her.

Art2Action, Inc - Website Design

Website for an arts nonprofit. Redesigned from the ground up. This is my proudest work to date.



I strive to use empathy to better understand my colleagues and clients in order to create beneficial relationships.


I strive to leverage diversity within my workplace in order to create an inclusive, welcoming environment.


I believe in the power of collaboration and cooperation to generate ideas, spur innovation, and create positive change.


I embrace creative thinking to develop fresh solutions and approaches to complex problems.


I am committed to staying the course and demonstrating tenacity as a professional in order to achieve meaningful results.


I strive to create an inclusive environment that values different perspectives and ideas to foster collaboration and innovation.

What Others Say

Portrait of Brendan Ciccone

James is one of the best freelancers I’ve worked with. He’s a great listener and immediately understood all of the requirements for the projects I worked with him on. From my experience, I found him to be very knowledgable about the platforms we were using, capable of offering great suggestions, and extrapolating where needed.

Brendan Ciccone, BC Design Co.
Portrait of JR Griggs

I've known James for a while now and can say this man is a hustler. He's always on the go working on something. Would be a valuable asset for sure. One of the few people I have met who will work as late as I sometimes have to.

JR Griggs, Red Wall Marketing
Portrait of John Balastra

I would 💯recommend James. Working with him in the academy that we both attend, he has exceeded every single assignment and project we were provided. He’s passionate and one of the most dedicated and accountable people I’ve ever met.

John Balasta, FOE Creative, Inc
Portrait of me
About Me

Hey, I’m James

As a UX Designer, I am a digital creative with a strong passion for designing exceptional user experiences. With a deep understanding of graphic and UX design, I am proficient in multiple design applications such as Figma, Adobe Xd, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro. My expertise extends to logo design and social media management, allowing me to create cohesive brand experiences for users.

My philosophy of 'ethics of care' guides my design decisions, ensuring that every element of my design is considerate of the user's needs and desires. As someone with a physical disability, high intelligence, and determination, I am committed to achieving my goals and overcoming obstacles. My master's degree in instructional technology, bachelor of arts in theatre arts, and minor in leadership development have equipped me with skills in instructional design, photo manipulation, and learning management systems, allowing me to create intuitive and engaging user experiences.

web design
UX/UI Design
Adobe Lightroom


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Pliability: A game-changing workout/flexibility platform for people with disabilities

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